Lyric Taebt Maak (تعبت معاك) - Rowaida Attia (رويدا عطية)

Original lyric (Arabic)
كلمات تعبت معاك - رويدا عطية

تعبت معاك وظلمني هواك
قسمتي اهواك ولاتهواني
ايه يعني تغيب وتسبني غريب
هو انت حبيب وبتنساني
لو دقت الويل اللي انا دقته كنت بترحم
وسهرت الليل اللي انا سهرته كنت بتفهم
ايه معنى الحب اللي انا عيشاه
وعذاب القلب اللي انا شيلاه
بس انت مادقتش مر الاه
ومعاي كتير كنت اناني
ليه كل ما قرب ياحبيبي انت بتبعد
وتسبني فناري ولهيبي ولايوم تسعد
ايه يعني انا حفضل استنى
واعيش فالنار وانت فجنه
ماانا ياعمري ليك جنه
ماخلاص انا دبت فاحزاني

Translation in English
Lyric I'm Tired of You - Rowayda Attia

I'm tired of you
Your love did me wrong
My lot is to love you when you don't love me
Why do you leave me and estrange me?
You're my darling but you forget about me
If you had felt the torment I've felt you would be merciful
If you had been sleepless the nights I've been sleepless you would understand
What is the meaning of the love that I'm experiencing
And heart-torture that I am enduring
But you've never tasted the bitterness
You were very selfish with me
Why do you always pull back when I get closer
And you leave me in my fire and flames and never make me happy
Why must I remain waiting?
Living in hell while you are in heaven
I am not your heaven
That's it, I've melted in my sadness
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