Lyric Lubnan ma Yehtezz (لبنان ما يهتز) - Saber el-Robaey (صابر الرباعي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
صابر رباعي - لبنان ما يهتز

الي جرح لبنان سارق شعاع الشمس لما تبان
الي جرح لبنان هو عدو الارض و الانسان
يبعث قنابل نزرع سنابل
و نعيد بناء عش البلابل

و الله يا شجر الارز لبنان ما يهتز
وحياتنا يا جنوب ما تنعز

ارض الفداء زادت خصوبة
الله يا لبنان العروبة

لينا وطن طالب ثمن
و ارواحنا ارخص ثمن نعطيه

غدوة يعود بلد الصمود
اجمل من الي كان نحلف بيه

غدوة يعود لبنان
اقوى من الي كان

Translation in English
Saber Robaey - Lebanon Does Not Tremble

He who hurt Lebanon
Steals the rays of the sun when they appear
He who hurt Lebanon
Is an enemy of the Earth and mankind
Who disseminates bombs and plants mines
While we continue to build the nest of the nightingale

I swear to god, oh cedar tree
Lebanon does not shiver
And I swear on our life oh south
You won't be hurt

The land of redemption has become more fertile
God, oh Lebanon of pan-Arabism

We have a country that demands a price
And our souls are the cheapest price we can give

In the early morning the country of perseverence returns
More beautiful than what we swore by

In the early morning Lebanon returns
Stronger than it was
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