Lyric Leya Ha' (لي حق) - Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نانسي عجرم – لي حق
لي حق بردو يا حبيبي فى الحياة
لي حق وانت حق عشان تهون الحياة

انت أب وانا أم وانت آدم وانا حوا
يبقي صعب ويبقي ظلم تعيش يا آدم وتموت حوا

لا مش قصدي اقوى ولا حاجه
لا مش قصدي اقوي وتكون انت الضعيف
انت نص وانا نص زي الشتا والصيف

Translation in English
Nancy Ajram - I Have the Right

I have the right to live my life, too
I have a right in life too my darling
I have the right and you have the right for life to be easy

You're a father and I'm a mother
You are Adam and I am Eve
It would be hard, it wouldn't be right
For you to live, Adam, while Eve dies

I don't mean I'm stronger or anything
I don't mean I'm stronger and you're the weak one
You're a half, and I'm a half like winter and summer
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