Lyric Kibir el Hob (كبر الحب) - Najwa Karam (نجوى كرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نجوى كرم - كبر الحب

من اول يوم تلاقينا سواء
صرنا يا حبيبي بامر الهوى
من اول يوم عشقنا بالهنى
عرفتك يا حبيبي حبيبي انا

وكبرالحب وبنار الحب تدفينا
صرنا نحب ندفي بعض بعينينا
ونعشق يا حبيبي اكثر ونشوف الدنيا اكبر
ومن الحب الي بعينينا طول العمر راح ابقى معك

بقلبي وعيني وحساسي الك سرقني الحب بغياب القدر
خلاني حب احلى من القمر

Translation in English
Najwa Karam - The Love Grew

From the first day we met
We have been in a love affair my darling
From the first day we loved with happiness
I know you, my darling, that you were my darling

And the love grew and warmed us with fire
We began to warm each other with our eyes
And we love, my darling, more
And the world appeared bigger to us
And from the love that is in our eyes
Throughout my life I will remain with you

With my heart, my eyes, and my feelings for you
Love stole me with the absence of fate
Love made me more beautiful than the moon
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