Lyric Bahebak Walla (بحبك ولعة) - Najwa Karam (نجوى كرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نجوى كرم - بحبك ولع

بحبك ولع ... بحبك ولع
ياللي هواك بقلبي انطبع

فيك انسلب قلبي
وعمري انقلب قلبي
كنت بدنيي صرت بدنيي
يا دلي مدري شو بني ... شو بني

خليني بحالي
اسرح بخيالي
حبك يا حبيبي زلزال
خربطلي كياني
غيرلي زماني
حبك م خطر على بال
كنت بدنيي..........

جنني غرامي
قبلك يا غرامي
م عرفت الهوى مجنون
حبك يا حياتي
جددلي حياتي
امرني بقلبك كون
كنت بدنيي

Translation in English
Najwa Karam - I Want You to Ignite

I want you to ignite
I want you to ignite
Oh you whose love is imprinted on my heart

You ransacked my heart
And my heart was upturned
I was suddenly in another world
Oh this that I don't know
What's with me?

Leave me to myself
Let go of my imagination
Your love is an earthquake
It destroyed my universe
It changed my time
Your love crosses my mind
I was in another world

Your passion drove me crazy
Before you, my darling, I didn't know that love was crazy
Your love, my love, renewed for me my life
It commanded me with your heart to be
I was in another world
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