Lyric Sana (سنة) - Hamada Helal (حمادة هلال)

Original lyric (Arabic)
حمادة هلال - سنة

ولا كان يوم حبيبى
ولا كان من نصيبى
ولا حس بلهيبى
ولا بدموع عنيا
سنة انا اقول لروحى
سنة انا اقول دة روحى
سنة وانا بين جروحى
سنة عدت عليا
مشوار يازمان مشوار احزان
احساس اخلاص مع ناس خاينة
مشوار يازمان مشوار احزان
احضان تتخان علشان صاينة
عشق وحب وشوق وحنان
ميت ليل عشناة
كل لى يادنيا فى كل مكان
ميت ذكرى معاة
عايز اعرف نفسى اعرف
لية جرحنى هواة

Translation in English
Hamada Helal - A Year

Never was she my darling
Nor was she part of my destiny
Nor did she feel my flames
Or the tears of my eyes

For a year I've been telling my soul
For a year I've said this to my soul
For a year while I've been among my wounds
A year has passed me

A journey, oh time
A journey of sadness
Feelings end with traitorous people
A journey, oh time
A journey of sadness
Embraces are betrayed because they are preserved

Adoration and love and desire and longing
Were dead the night we lived them
Everything I had everywhere
The memory died because of her
I want to know for myself
Why did her love hurt me?
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