Lyric Nari Nareen (Habibi Dah) (بسلم) - Hisham Abbas (هشام عباس)

Original lyric (Arabic)

Translation in English
Hisham Abbas - My Fire is Two Fires

My fire is two fires
My fire is from her beauty
What has happened to my heart
In a glance she took me
In a moment we melted together
This darling of mine
The most beautiful words are in her eyes
She told me about love
I've fallen in love with her
What am I to do?
My fire is from the one who I am in
Ah her cheeks, her voice and her laugh
She drew me close
I adored her fire and her delicacy
My heart submitted to her before I even spoke to him
Oh how she's been on my mind and I've been drawing her in my imagination
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