Lyric El Hob Gamil ( الحب جميل) - Abdel Halim Hafez ( عبد الحليم حافظ)

Original lyric (Arabic)
عبد الحليم حافظ - الحب جميل
الحب جميل .. للي عايش فيه
له ألف دليل .. أسألوني عليه
بيفوت ع العين .. ويصحيها من عز النوم
ويفوت ع الروح .. ويطير بيها الدنيا في يوم
ولما القلب يجي يفرح .. ساعة ما ألاقيك قاعد جنبي
أمالي الحلوة تتمرجح .. في دقة قلبك مع قلبي
وإن فات حبيبي يوم أو غاب .. أنا والظنون دايما في عتاب
واللي انشغل بهوى الأحباب .. عذابه راحة وراحته عذاب
لا اللي صفا له حبيبه .. باله هدي وارتاح
ولا اللي فاته نصيبه .. نامت في قلبه جراح
لما يخاصمني بأفرح وأصور .. فرحة لقاه لو يوم جاني
وإن جه صالحني أبكي وأفكر .. من خوفي ليخاصم تاني

Translation in English
Abdel Halim Hafez - Love is Beautiful

Love is beautiful
The one we live in
It has a thousand sings
Ask me about it

It passes the eye and awakens it from the depths of sleep
It passes the soul and flies around the world with it in a day
And when the heart comes it is joyous
When I find you sitting beside me
My sweet hopes whirl in your heart beat with mine
And if my darling ever was away from me
Me and my thoughts would always be waiting at the thresholds
And he who is preoccupied with the love of the lovers
His torture is comfort and his comfort is torture
Not he whose beloved purifies for him
His thoughts calm down and relax
Nor he whose destiny passed him
Wounds sleep in his heart
When he fights with me I rejoice and imagine a joy he'll find if one day he came to me
And if he came making good with me I would cry and think
From my fear of him fighting again
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