Sibhom - George Wassouf / سيبهم - جورج وسوف

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كلمات سيبهم - جورج وسوف

سيبهم لا تلوم عليهم ولا تعاتبهم .. سيبهم
سيبهم .. لو فراقهم نار وعذاب .. فارقهم
والله يعنا على دمع عينا
وبياعنا ياخد بإيدهم

نسيو لهفة عنينا ولهفة قلبنا
ده الغرام شاهد عليهم وبيبكي زينا
سهرونا باليالي .. جرحونا جرح غالي
والفراق كان من نصيبنا
ونعمة النسيان نصيبهم .. ونعمة النيان نصيبهم

ضيعو الأيام وراحو
ولا سألو في جرحنا
ومين بيعيش جراحو ويسامح قدنا
وسامحنا ولا ملامة .. قلبنا ياما سامح ياما
والسنين يا قلبي بكرة
حتحاسبهم وحتحاسبنا .. حتحاسبنا وحتحاسبهم

English Translation
Lyric Leave them By George Wassouf

Leave them, dont blame or reproach them...leave them
Leave them...even if their absence is fire and pain...leave them
And may God help us with our tears
And the ones who sold us ---
Leave them

They forgot our eager eyes and the goodness of our hearts
The love is a witness against them and cries 'adultry'
They kept us nights...they wounded us deeply
And leaving each other became our destiny
And the blessing of forgetfullness became their destiny....
Leave them

They lost the days and left
And didnt even ask about our paini
And who lives the pain, and forgives as much as us
And forgive and dont blame..oh how often our heart forgave
And tomorrow oh my heart the years
will hold them accountable...will hold them accountable
Leave them

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