Lyric Ana Ensana - Yara / انا انسانه - يارا

Original Lyric (Arabic)
كلمات انا انسانه - يارا

أنا إنسانة مثل غيري
مثل من حب أناحبيت
عطيت حبيبي قلبي
وفيت لحد ما وفيت
وهو يا ناس ما قصرّ
وفى لي أكثر وأكثر
يا فرحة وفيه ما تمت
أبيه وفيه ما تهنيت!
دروا عني ودروا عنه
وحصل ما خفت انا منه
بعد ما كنت في جنة
بكيت فراقه وعانيت
حبيبي ومنه محرومة
ولا أدري شنهي علومه؟

Translaion in English
Lyric i am a women - Yara

i am a women (or simply human being!) like anybody else
like anybody who fall in love, i loved someone
i gave my lover, my heart
i was faithful to him
and he was the same
he was more faithful to me
my happiness didn't last for long
i love him, but we were separated
they knew about me and him
and what i was scared of, just happened
after that i were in heaven
i cried his departure and suffered a lot
he is my lover and i am deprived of him!
how come?

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