Lyric Ebaed Anni (ابعد عني) - Waed (وعد)

Original lyric (Arabic)
كلمات ابعد عني - وعد

ابعد عني الساعة دي
قلبي من الليله فاضي
احسنلك من الليلة دي
ابعد متقلش لأ
عود نفسك بعادي
زمانك دلوقتي ماضي
وحتيجي بيوم قصادي وتقول كان عندي حق

ولا حسأل فين ضميرك ولا حعشق تاني غيرك
وهو زيك زي غيرك كلو عندي عادي

ايامي وعشتهالك ولا عمري كان في بالك
دلوقتي قلتهالك ارجع من غير زعل
انا ابعد من خيالك وفاكرني محتجالك
شوف بعدي ايه جرالك انسى مفيش امل

Translation in English
Waed - Get Away from Me

Get away from me this minute
Starting tonight, my heart is empty
You better leave tonight
Don't say no

Get used to being far from me
You're time now has past
And someday you'll come before me and say "you were right"

I won't ask where's your conscience
Nor will I love any other than you
They're all just like you, all the same
Nothing special to me

So many days I lived for you while I was never on your mind
Now I've told you, go back without getting upset
I'm farther than your imagination
And you think I need you
Look what's happened to you after me
Forget it, there's no hope
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