Lyric Ya Tul Azabi (يا طول عذابي) - Oum Kalthoum (أم كلثوم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
أم كلثوم - يا طول عذابي

ياطول عذابى وأشتياقى مابين بعادك والتلاقى
ياما غالبت النوم وشكيت من طول غيابك عن عينى
أقول لقلبى الوجد ده ليه مادام ح يعطف ويجينى
أصبر مع الأيام تتحقق الأحلام
وتشوف حبيب الروح جانى وجاد بقربه وهناني
ونسيت ليالى الشوق والنوح وخفت وقتى يروح منى
من غير ما أقول له ع اللى قاسيت
أيام ماكان غايب عنى
ووقتها تحتار أى الضنى تختار
بعد الحبيب ولو انه يطول وانت ياقلبى كلك أمانى
والا لقاه والصبر قليل والعمر يجرى ساعة التداني
قابلته بعد الغياب وكان سلامى عتاب
وبعد ماتملت عينى طال السكوت بينه وبينى
بدى أقول له على اللى ضنانى والعين تدله عن طول هوانى
سكت عن شكوى الهجران وحيرة القلب الولهان
وقلت أصور له هناي ساعة ماأشوفه وياى
لا قدرت أقول بعده ضنانى ولا قلت قربه هنانى
وجيت أتكلم قلبى اتألم

Translation in English
Om Kalthoum - Throughout My Torment

Throughout my torment and longing between your abscence and the reuiniting
Oh how I fought sleep and complained about the length of your absence to my eye
Why am I telling my heart this love so long as it feels for and comes to me?
I am patient with the days that make my dreams come true
The darling of my soul came to me
Graced me with his presence and made me happy
And I forgot the nights of desire and lament
And feared my time was going from me
I tell him I have suffered all the days except days he was not absent from me
And this time what do you need?
The exhausting love you chose?
The abscence of my darling
If it goes on while you, my heart, are all my hopes except his meeting
While my patience is short and my liftetime runs away
I met him after his absence and my greeting was gentle reproach
And after my eyes filled the silence between him and I extended
I want to tell him about that which exhausted me
And my eye will show him the extent of my disgrace
I kept silent about my complaints of abandonment
And the confusion of an infatuated heart
I was saying, describing my delight to him the times that I didn't see him with me
I couldn't say after he exhausted me nor say that his closeness delighted me
And I came speaking
And my heart hurt
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