Lyric Ya Tabtab wa Dala (يا طبطب وادلع) - Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نانسي عجرم - يا طبطب وادلع
يا اطبطب و ادلع يا يقولي انا اتغيرت عليه
انا ازعل اولع ماهو كل همه ازاى ارضيه

قولوله ده انا برده ساعات في حالات مرة ازعل مرة اديله عينى
مين فينا على حاله كل الاوقات ده تاعبنى اوى طلع عينى

لو ازعل منه و آثر يقول بأقصر فى حقه و يأخد جنب
ولو افهمه يقول باظلمه يفضل يحسسنى بميت ذنب

قال أنا بتغير ولا ده عقله صغير حير قلبى معاه
وحكم القوي بموت فيه اوى وده اللى صبرنى على هواه

Translation in English
Nancy Ajram - I Comfort and Spoil Him

I comfort him and I spoil him
Or He tells me I've changed on him.
I become upset, my temper rises
But all He cares about is How to Please Him.

Go and Tell Him that I am also sometimes in moods.
One time I am upset, One Time Im ready to give him my eyes.
Who out of us is at there best at all times.
He makes me tired, and makes me want to pull out my eyes.

If I get upset from him and I be the bigger person
He says I am ignoring his feelings and he takes a stand
And If I explain to Him he says Im accusing Him.
And continues to make me feel 100 times guilty.

I am changing
His mind is so small confused my heart with him
But I love him so much.
And that is what made me patient with him so long.
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