Lyric Matouleesh Baadein (ما تقوليش بعدين) - Ragheb Alama (راغب علامة)

Original lyric (Arabic)
كلمات ما تقوليش بعدين - راغب علامة

متقوليش بعدين
انا ميهمنيش بعدين
بحبك تنسى
الكون مادام اتوحدوا القلبين
بحبك متقوليش بعدين

حروف اسمك بتكتبنى
اكون كلمة فى اغانيكى
بحبك ومين يكدبنى
مادام قلبى اعترف بيكى

تفوت ايام ما نعرف كام
كأن العمر كان ساعتين

ومين غيرك بيفهمنى
من النظرة اللى فعيونى
ومين غيرك بيقبلنى
ويتحملنى بجنونى

Translation in English
Lyric Don't Tell Me Later by Ragheb Alama

I love you
Don't tell me later
Later doesn't matter to me
I want you to forget
And for me to forget the universe
So long as our two hearts are united
I love you
Don't tell me later

The letters of your name spell me
I'm a word in your songs
I love you and who can say I'm lying?
So long as my heart recognizes you

Days pass we don't know how many
As if our lifetime was just two hours

And besides you who understands me
From the look in your eyes
And besides you who accepts me
And can put up with my madness
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