Lyric Golibtu asalah (غلبت أصالح) - Oum Kalthoum (أم كلثوم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
أم كلثوم - غلبت أصالح
غلبت اصالح فى روحى عشان ماترضى عليك
من بعد سهدى ونوحى ولوعتى بين إيديك
صعبان على اللى قاسيته فى الحب من طول الهجران
مااعرفش أيه اللى جنيته من بعد مارضيت بالحرمان
فضلت أقول الزمان غير على البعد حالك
وإلا الرضا بالهوان كتر على دلالك
وانا اللى أخلصت ف ودى وفضلت طول العمر أمين
ياخد الزمان من ويدى وقلبك أنت على ضنين
كنت أشتكى لك أيامى واشكى لمين ظلمك لى
وكان رضاك نور احلامي لما الزمان يقسى على
صبحت أشكى منك لروحى وفضلت أخبى عنك جروحى
وبعدت عنك والفكر كان دايما ويالك
والقلب منك غضبان فى دنيا الحب معاك
مجروح وضامم جناحه على الجراح اللى فيه
اليل يردد نواحه طول ما أليفه مجافيه
لما الزمان اللى غدر به بعدك وكنت نديم شكواه
رماك وجه السهم فى قلبه عطف عليك والجد ضناه
حتى الزمان اللى كان عطفك يا عينى عليه
خلانى أرضى الهوان وأسلم الروح إليه
واسأل عنك والقلب كان غضبان منك
واحمل همك وانا اللى طول بعدى ماهمك
وابات اصالح فى روحى عشان ماترضى عليك
وانسى سهادى ونوحي ولوعتي بين أيديك

Translation in English
Om Kalthoum - I Decided to Make Good

I decided I should make good in my soul in order to satisfy you
After my sleeplessness and lament and torment in your hands
I feel pity for that which I suffered in love throughout the abandonment
I don't know what you gained after being satisfied with deprivation of me
I wanted to say that time was jealous of the remoteness of your state
Except satisfaction with discgrace made you play even harder to get
And I who was faithful in my love and preferred to spend my lifetime loyally
Time takes from my hand and your heart, I seldom see you
I always complained to you
So who can I complain to you about your injustice towards me?
While your satisfaction was the light of my dreams when time was cruel to me
I began a new day complaining about you to my soul
And preferred to hide my wounds from you
I distanced from you while my thoughts were always with you
And my heart was angry at you in the world of love with you
Hurt, bringing its wings together to cover the wounds in it
The night repeats my laments as long as I am intimate with it, rejected
The time that was betrayed while you were still the friend of its complaints
Your throwing of the tip of a dart in its heart
It felt sympathy for you with its seriously exhausting love
Until the time that inclined you, my eye, to it
Making me satisfied with discrace while I submit my soul to you
I ask about you
The heart was angry with you
I carry your troubles
While throughout my farness I was of no concern to you
I spend the night making good in my soul in order to satisfy you
And I forget my sleeplessness and lament and torment in your hands
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