Lyric Enta Masry? (انت مصري؟) - Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نانسي عجرم - أنت مصري؟
لو سألتك انت مصرى تقولى ايه ؟؟
تقولى مصرى ابن مصرى
و ابن مصر الله عليه

قولها بأعلى صوت و ارفع راسك لفوق
أنا مصرى و ابويا مصرى
بسمارى و لونى مصرى
و بخفة دمى مصرى
و كل مصرى الله عليه

ملوك الجدعنه و دى حاجه فى طبعهم
و عشقاهم أنا و أتمنى حبهم
شربت من نيلها ..مصر
و قلبى حنلها .. مصر
و قلت أغنلها غنوة محبه و فرح

يارب تحميها ... مصر
يارب خليها ... مصر
انصرها.. علييها
و احميها من كل شر

Translation in English
Nancy Agram - Are You Egyptian?

If I asked you if you were Egyptian what would you say?
Tell me yes I'm Egyptian son of an Egyptian
And God be with the sons of Egypt

Say it with the loudest voice and raise your heads up high
I am Egyptian and my father is Egyptian
With my dark skin, my color is Egyptian
With my light-heartedness, I am Eygptian
And God be with every Egyptian

Our anscestors are were kings and this is something in their nature
And I adore them and I want their love
I drank from her Nile, Egypt (this metaphorical, and is a common expression in Egypt, NOT to be taking or done literally)
And I said I'll sing for her a loving and happy song

Oh Lord protect her... Egypt
Oh Lord preserve her... Egypt
Help her
And defend her from all evil
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