Lyric Bitadhak (بتضحك) - Mohammed Hamaky (محمد حماقي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
محمد حماقي - بتضحك

اخر كلام
اطمن هنساك قوام
اصل خلاص هعملك ايه
ولا حاجه فيك بتأثر
وعتابى ليك ياحبيبى استهترت بيه

بتضحك طيب اضحك وابقى شوف من يوم يسامحك
تندم على قولته ندم كبير لما
اسامحك قال اسامحك لو بموت ولا يوم هاصرحك
كسرت فيا حاجات كتير كتير اصلك انت

هوا انت ايه مش حاسس
قلبك ده ليه متأسرش بأىلون
زمبى الوحيد حبيتك
غلطه واكيد لازم تتصلح فى يوم

Translation in English
Mohammed Hamaky - You're Laughing

Last words
I assure you I'll forget you right away
Since it's over what will you do?
And does nothing affect you?
And my reproach of you my darling is that you were careless

You're laughing, fine, I'm laughing
And I remain looking for a day that forgives you
You'll really regret what you said when I forgive you
I won't forgive you even if I die I'll never tell you
So many things inside me are broken because of you

What is your love? (your love is cruel)
Why is your heart not affected by any color?
My time I alone loved you was a mistake
And for sure you must be set right one of these days
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