Lyric Shater (شاطر) - Mohammed Khalawi (محمد خلاوي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
محمد خلاوي - شاطر

هـذا اللي انـت شاطـر فـيه
تـعـانـد قـلـبـي وتـخـطـيـه
لـكـن مـا تـشـوف نـفـسك
و لا الـلـي فـيـنـي تـسويه

هذا اللي انت شاطر فيه
تـعـذبـنـي ولا تـســــأل
وتـزعـل قـبـل مـا ازعــل
ولا تـبـغـــانـي اتــكـلـم
و لا حـتـى اقـولـك لـيـه

هذا اللي انت شاطر فيه
أجـيـك من الـولـه طـايـر
واعـيـش بـجـوك الحـايـر
و اشعل الـشمع بدروبي
و انـت بـداخـلـي تـطفيه

هـذا الـلـي انـت شـاطـر فـيـه

Translation in English
Mohammed Khalawi - Clever

This is what you are clever at
Resisting my heart and stepping on it
What you don't see yourself
Nor compromise with me

This is what you are clever at
Torturing me without asking
And getting mad before I get mad
And you don't want me to speak
Nor even say to you 'why'

This is what you are clever at
I come flying to you in infatuation
And I live with you confused
And I light the candles along my path
And you inside me put them out

This is what you're clever at
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