Lyric Atahada el Alim (اتحدى العالم) - Saber el-Robaey (صابر الرباعي)

Saber al-Robaey - I Defy the World

My empty eyes are empty from too much crying
I don't have any more tears to beg with
My parched lips whine a hundred magic words
To implore you and to forget you

Without you my nights are sad
I dream all my fears
The songs, the prose, the roses, their wild scents
The sky, the breeze, the flowers, their hundred colors
Cry over your departure, without any hope, any gleam

All that oblivion, that long silence
It is all over, the beautiful romance
To be banished from another chance
To be condemned to the suffuring
Until the end of time, for eternity

I sing, I pray, I implore in vain
A caress, an final chorus
To you, your gods, your guardian angels
I swear to love for life until the end
Until the end of time for eternity
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