Lyric Aashgah (عاشقة) - Najwa Karam (نجوى كرم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نجوى كرم - عاشقة

عاشقة الأسمراني صاداني ورماني عاغفلة ولاجاني يوه يوه
آه ياني من جماله آه ياني من دلاله روحي والله حلاله أوه

عاشقة روحه الجميلة عاشقة عيونه الكحيلة عاشقة هد الهوى حيلة ويلي ويلي ويلي

ولا على بالي كان قلبي خالي خالي ومكتفي شعل ناري غيرلي حالي وناري ماطفي
آه من نار الأسمراني آه من نار الأسمراني

على همساته دغدغ شعوري بكلمة وكلمتين أنا بغرامه زايد سروري وفرحي بفرحتين
آه من حب الأسمراني آه من حب الأسمراني

Translation in English
Najwa Karam - Adoring

I adore the dark-skinned guy
I met him and he threw me immediately
And he doesn't come to me
Oh my, his beauty
Oh my, his flirtations
My soul, by God, is the one for him

I adore his beautiful soul and his pitch black eyes
This love is a trick of my torment

Nothing on my mind
My heart was empty and satisfied
He lit my fire and changed my situation
And the fire has not gone out
Ah the fire of the dark-skinned guy
Ah the fire of the dark-skinned guy

His whispers tickle my feelings with a word or two
In his passion my happiness increases
And my joy doubles
Ah the love of the dark-skinned guy
Ah the love of the dark-skinned guy
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