Lyric Shady (شادي) - Fairuz (فيروز)

Original lyric (Arabic)
فيروز - شادي

من زمان وأنا صغيرة كان فى صبي
يجي من الأحراش
نلعب انا وياه
كان اسمه شادي

انا وشادي غنينا سوى
لعبنا على التلج ركضنا بالهوى
كتبنا ع الحجار قصص صغار
ولوحنا الهوى

ويوم من الايام ولعت الدنى
ناس ضد ناس علقوا بها الدنى
وصار القتال يقرب
عالتلال والدنى دنى
وعلقت على أطراف الوادي

شادي ركض يتفرج
خفت وصرت اندهله
وينك رايح يا شادي
اندهله وما يسمعني
ويبعد يبعد بالوادي
و من يومتها ما عدت شفت
ضاع شادي
والتلج اجى و راح التلج
عشرين مرة اجى و راح التلج
وانا صرت اكبر
و شادي بعد صغير
عم يلعب عالتلج

Translation in English
Fairuz - Shady

Long ago when I was small there was a boy
He came from the woods
We played he and I
His name was Shady

Me and Shady sang together
We played on the ice and ran through the breeze
We wrote little stories on the rocks
And we waved our arms in the air

Then one day the world ignited
People against people dragging the world into it
And the battle approached
On the hills and the world approached
And descended on the sides of the valley

Shady ran watching
I was scared and called out to him
"Where are you going Shady?"
I called out to him and he didn't hear me
And he went further and further from the valley
And since that day I no long see him
Shady is lost
And the ice has come and gone
Twenty times it's come and gone
And I've gotten older
While Shady is still small
Playing on the ice
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