Lyric Bukra wa Baado ( بكره وبعده) - Abdel Halim Hafez ( عبد الحليم حافظ)

Original lyric (Arabic)

عبد الحليم حافظ - بكره وبعده

بكره وبعده بكره وبعده
اللي وعدني حيوفي بوعده
كلها بكره بس وبعده ..
أجمل يوم حيمر عليّ
بعد يومين حتشوفه عينيه
والدنيا دي إزاي حتساعني
فرحتي أكبر منها شوية
وعلى البعد العين شايفاها
جاية وجايبة السعد معاها
هنه يومين اتنين والقاها
كلها بكره .. كلها بكره .. بس وبعده ..
بعد يومين حيجيني جوابه
يسعد بيه قلبي وأحبابه
واللي فات من عمري نسيته
إلا اليوم ده عملت حسابه
ولقيت قلبي اللي بيتمنى
تايه بين النار والجنة
قلت استنى راح تتهنى
كلها بكره بس وبعده
ياللي معادك شاغل بالي
من دلوقتي وعاش في خيالي
اليومين حيفوتوا أيام
والليلتين حيمروا ليالي
والمواعيد لو هانوا عليه
أنت ميعادك جوه عنيه
ولا فيش غيره عمل كده فيه
كلها بكره بس وبعده

Translation in English
Abdel Halim Hafez - Tomorrow and the Day After

Tomorrow and the day after
Tomorrow and the day after
He promised me he would fullfill his promise
All of it just tomorrow and the day after

I shall pass the most beautiful day
After two days I'll see him and his eyes
And how wil this world accomodate me?
My happiness is a little bigger than it
And from afar the eye sees it
Coming and coming with good fortune
Two days from now I will meet her
All of it tomorrow... and just the day after
After to days his answer will come to me
My heart will be happy with him and his answer
And that which passed in my life I forgot
Except this day I considered him
And I found my heart that whishes
Lost between hell and heaven
I said wait you're going to become happy
All of it tomorrow and just the day after
You are the one whose antagonism worries my mind
From now on while he lives in my imagination
The two days shall pass the days
The two nights shall pass the nights
And the dates if they were insignificant to him
Your appointments are in his eyes
And there is not one else but him to do like this
All of this tomorrow and just the day after
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