Lyric Ahwak (اهواك) - Abdel Halim Hafez انعبد الحليم حافظ

Original lyric (Arabic)
أهواك واتمنى لو انساك
وانسى روحي وياك

وان ضاعت يبقى فداك لو تنساني

وانساك وتريني بانسى جفاك
واشتاق لعذابي معاك
والقى دموعي فاكراك ارجع تاني
في لقاك الدنيا تجيني معاك
ورضاها يبقى رضاك
وساعتها يهون في هواك طول حرماني

والاقيك مشغول وشاغلني بيك
وعيني تيجي في عينيك
وكلامهم يبقى عليك وانت تداري

واراعيك واصحى من الليل اناديك
وابعت روحي تصحيك
قوم ياللي شاغلني بيك جرب ناري

Translation in English
I love you
And if I forget you I hope I forget my soul
And if I lose it you can keep it
If you forget me

So I forget you and forget your cruelness
Only to miss my torment with you and find my tears remember you
And then I go back to you again

When you come to me the whole world comes with you
And it's wish is your wish
And at that time my deprivation from your love might end

And I'll find you thinking of me and I of you
And our eyes meeting once again
And their words will be all over you even though you try to hide it (meaning she won't be able to hide her feelings)

And I'd take care of you
And awake in the night calling out to you
And send you my soul to wake you up
Get up, oh you who's preoccupied me, and experience the hell I've been through
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