Lyric Weddy - Miami Band / فرقة ميامي - ودي

Arabic Font
كلمات ودي - فرقة ميامي

ودي يمر اسبوع من غير زعل ودموع
ونعيش مثل الناس اهدى شعور واحساس
احباب كنا اثنين قلب وانقسم نصين
الله يا الدنيا شوفو وصلنا وين
احسب معاي شبقى و في شي ما عشناه
غيره و هم وشقى ودوخه وضيقه و اه
حرام علينا نهدم بإيدينه حب احنا عشنا معاه

كافي عذاب كافي جروح اما نعيش في كل وضوح
ولا خلاص كلن في دربه يروح
من كلمه نتأثر اي غلطه نعاني
ومافي احد قادر يتحمل الثاني
ضاعت مشاعرنا وزادت مشاكلنا
واللي يزعلنا وين المحبه وين

English Font
Lyric Weddya By Miami Band
weddi ymor osboo3 men ghir za3al wedmoo3
wen3ish methl ennas ahda sho3oor wehsas
a7bab kenna ethnin 9alb wen9asam nessein
allah ya donya shoufou wasalna wein
a7seb ma3ay sheb9a we fi shey ma 3eshnah
ghira we ham we sh9a we dokha we dhi9a we ah
7aram 3alina nehdem bi eydina hob ehna 3eshnah ma3ah

kafi 3azab kafi jroo7 ama n3ish fi kol wedhooh
we la khalas kolon fi darboo yerooh
men kelma net'athar ay ghalta ne3ani
we mafi a7ad 9ader yethammel ethani
dha3et masha3erna we zadet mashakilna
welli yeza3elna wein el mahabba wein

English Translation
Lyric Weddy By Miami Band
My wish is that one week passed without trouble and tears
and that we lived like those people who exude emotion and feeling
we were two lovers, a heart divided in two halves
by God, oh people! See where we have arrived
calculate with me, how much time we still have?, and there is something we didn't live\feel
jealousy and worries and misery and giddiness and distress and ahh
shame on us, we’re destroying our love with our own hands, making a nest with it (the destruction)

enough torture, enough hurting, instead, let‘s live in complete clarity
or it's enough and each of us goes his way
we are influenced by deceiving words that make us suffer
and there’s nobody able to stand them repeatedly
our feelings went lost, and our problems increased
and that’s upsetting us; where’s the love, where?

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