Lyric Mestany Eih - Hamada Helal / مستنى ايه - حمادة هلال

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كلمات مستنى ايه ؟ - حمادة هلال

مستنى ايه مش برضو شايف ولا انا مش باين عليا .. مستنى ايه ولا انت لازم تبكى قدامك عنيا

احضنى اكتر من كدا طمنى ليه من اد ايه غايب وانا محتاج اليك

عوضنى عن كل اللى فات انا شوفت فى بعادك حاجات انا كان فاضلى ساعات واموت من الخوف عليك

من اد ايه وبقول دى هانت بكرة راجهع تانى ليا .. يوم بعد يوم وانا فى غيابك نفسى تيجى اللحظة دي

English Translation
Lyric Mestany Eih By Hamada Helal

What are you waiting for can't you see or am I invisible? What are you waiting for, do I have to cry in front of you to get some attention?.

Hug me more than that, tell me why and how long you've been absent, when I needed you

Make up to me all that had gone, I had seen so much in your absence, there were only hours left 'til I'd die from my worries for you.

From so long I'd say the worst is over, tomorrow she'll return to me.. Day after day I am in your absence and I hoped for this moment to come.

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