Lyric Leyla makan mashi - Najwa Karam / ليلة ماكان ماشي - نجوى كرم

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كلمات ليلة ماكان ماشي - نجوى كرم

ليلة ما كان ماشى و الدمعة بعيونى
يا حبابى دلونى وين راح حبيبى
ليل يا بو الليالى و أشهد على حالى
ودى سلام غالى لعيون حبيبى

آه من نارو و آه منو
ولا بقدر إبعد عنو
حكم الهوى يبقى حبيبى
و حكم الهوى ماشى

اشتقت غرامو سلامو كلامو و شوقى ما إلو حدود
روح يا شوق القلب و قلو عاشقة عيونو السود
قلبى إلو و حلفتلو ولفى أكيد بيعود

على نار اشواقى بلاقى عيونى ما بتنام الليل
ليش اللى بيعشق من قلبو بعمرو يدوق الويل
متشوقه لحظة لقى و البعد هد الحيل

English Translation
Lyric the night he was leaving By Najwa Karam

the night he was leaving i was catching the tears in my eyes
my beloved, please tell me where did my lover go?
night fell and witnessed my status
i told him to send a precious greeting for my lover's eyes

oh my god from his tiring love
i can never get away from him
because love has made its judgement for him to stay as my lover
and love's descidion is always fullfilled

i missed his love, his greetings, his talk, and my passion has no boundaries
i wish he would feel my passion and know am in love with his black eyes
my heart is his, and i know my lovers gonna be back

from my passion, i cant even sleep the night
why is every decent lover tasting sadness
im waiting for the meeting, and departing from him has weakend me enough

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