Lyric lesh mgharrab - Najwa Karam / ليش مغَّــرب - نجوى كرم

Arabic Font
كلمات ليش مغَّــرب - نجوى كرم
وبتســــألنـــي ليــش مـــــغرب وعايش وحيد
بأرض بلادي عشت معذب شو طالع بالإيــد
سرقـــونــــا ما حكــــنــا !! شردونــا بكيـــنــا
قــالو رجعــــــوا جيــــــــنا و سرقونا من جديييد !!

وبتســــألنـــي ليــش مـــــغرب
جعنا ما سألونا و تنسأل ممنـوع
قصدن يطعمونـا شبعونا دمــوع
ما هربت من بلادي أنا بعبدها عبــادي !
أنا خايف عــ ولادي مـا يموتوا من الجوع

وبتســــألنـــي ليــش مـــــغرب
إذا بدِّك تسألنـي بالرجعة موعود
وحياتك لو فيِّي كنـــت الليـلة بعــود
كتب ولادي كانو همَّـي الدوا غــــالي لوجع أمي
كــان حقوا أغلى مـن دمي لبست تــياب الســـــــود

English Translation
Lyric why am i expatriated? By Najwa Karam
And u ask me why am i expatriated and living alone?
In my country i was tortured and what should i do
they robbed us and made us homeless thats why we cry
they called us back and we came they robbed us again and u ask me why am i expatriated?

we were hungry they didn't care and if we asking for food is forbidden
they wanted to feed us and they made us full from tears
I didn't run away from my country i worship it
im just scared that my children would die from hunger
and u ask me why am i expatriated?

if u wanna ask when are we coming back?
i swear that if i could i would be back tonight
my chiildren's books were my sorrow, the medicine to treat my mother's pain is veryexpensive
it's price was more expensive then my own blood so i put on my black clothes
and u ask me why am i expatriated?

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