Lyric Garh - Diana Karazon / جــرح - ديانا كرازون

Arabic Font
كلمات جــرح - ديانا كرازون

جيتك وفيني جرح .. وأهديت جرحي جرح
صارو بدل الواحد .. في القلب لك جرحين

يالله إنبسطت الحين

شايلني من بالك .. شايف علي حالك
دايم تعذبني .. مابين حين وحين

محروم انا وشوقي ..من أبسط حقوقي
لا القلب معك ارتاح .. لاعيوني مرتاحين

صعبه اني أتحمل .. والأصعب أكمل
خلاص مافيني .. وأبي الفراق يحين

English Font
Lyric jar7 By Diana Karazon

Jeetak w feeni jar7.. w ehdayt le jar7y jar7
Sarou bedal elwa7ed.. fel galb elak jar7ein

Yallah enbesat el7ein

Shayelni mn balak.. shayef 3alayi 7alak
Dayem te3athebni.. mabayn 7ein w 7ein

Ma7roum ana w shougi.. mn absat 7googi
La al galb ma3ak erta7.. la 3youni merta7een

Sa3beh eni et7amal.. wel as3ab akamel
Khalas ma feeni.. w abeeh elfourag ye7een

English Translation
Lyric Garh By Diana Karazon

I came to you with a wound and you put a [new] wound upon my [present] wound
Now I have two instead of one, in my heart there are two wounds from you

Go on, be happy now

You took me out your mind and think you're better than me
You have to torture me every now and again

I'm deprived and my passion is the least of my rights
My heart has not been at ease with you, nor are my eyes at peace

It's hard for me to put up with this and even harder for me to continue [with you]
That's it I can't do this and I think separating is long overdue
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