Lyric Widy Akoon (ودي اكون) - Abdel Majid Abdallah (عبد المجيد عبدالله)

Original lyric (Arabic)
عبد المجيد عبدالله - ودي اكون
ودي اكون اي شخص ثاني
اي شخص عابر والتقاك
وبسالك وش منك جاني
وبالمقابل شاللي جاك
انت ما تذكر حناني
وكيف كنت اشري رضاك
كنت اشوف العمر فاني
واللي يبقالي هواك
كنت احسب الله عطاني
ما دريت انه عطاك
الله بشرك بلاني
وانت بالخير ابتلاك
كنت عايش بالاماني
وكنت اعدي لك خطاك
لي متى بمسك لساني
واكتم العبره معاك
كنت اعاند بك زماني
واتحداه بوفاك
انت رحت وهو بكاني
قال انا بوقف معاك
اكتشفت انك اناني
واني اكبر من خطاك
حظك اللي ما قواني
جابك و رد و خذاك

Translation in English
Abdel Majid Abdallah -I wish I can be
I wish I can be just anyone else..
A person passing by and met you

And ill ask you, what did I receive from you
And in return what you got from me
You don’t remember my tenderness
And how I used to buy your satisfaction
I used to see the diminishing world..
And all what stays left is your love
I thought God gave me..
I didn’t kno that he gave you too
God showed me hardship with your evilness
And showed you with my well-being
I used to live in dreams
And I used to let go of your mistakes
Till when will I stay quiet
And conceal my teardrops
I used to be stubborn to time
And challenge it for your loyalty
You left, and he made me cry
He said “ill stay by your side”
I found out that you were selfish
And im bigger than your mistakes
*bigger meaning in a higher position than.. better than..
Your luck, which wasn’t strong enough to hold me,
Brought you, then came back and took you with it

Abdel Majid Abdallah - Widi akoon
Widi akoon ay sha59 thani
Ay sha59 3abir wiltgak
O bas2alak wish mink jani
O bilmo8abil shili jak
Ent matathkir 7anani
O kaif kint ashri re’6ak
Kint ashof el3orm fani
Wili yebgali hawak
O kint a7sib allah 3a6ani
O madarait enah 3a6ak
Allah bsharik balani
Wint bil 5air ebtelak
Kint 3ayesh bil amani
O kint a3adi lak 5a6ak
Lai mita bamsik lisani
Waktim el3abra ma3ak
Kint a3anid bik zmani
Wat7adah eb wifak
Ent ri7t o ho bkani
Gal ana bawgaf ma3ak
Ekteshaft enak anani
Wini akbar min 5a6ak
7a’6ik eli magewani
Jabak o rad o 5athak
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