Lyric Shou Mbekiki (شو مبكيكي) - Wael Kfoury (وائل كفوري)

Original lyric (Arabic)
وائل كفوري - شو مبكيكي

بدي اعرف شو مبكيكي
مني زعلاني براضيكي
تزعل هالدني
وماتزعل حياتي انا
كل ماتنزل منك دمعه
ببقى مش على بعضي جمعه
ضايع مابلاقي حالي
وانا مش انا

الا ماشوف الضحكه مش ممكن ارتاح
خلي عينيكي تحكي غرام
حتى تكوني مرتاحه وتنسي يلي راح
ببقى احكي لك احلى كلام

Translation in English
Wael Kfoury - What's Making You Cry

I wanna know what's making you cry
If you're upset with me I'll make you feel better
Let the whole world get upset, as long as you don't get upset my life
Every time a tear drops from your cheek, I don't recover (or I'm not myself) for a week
Lost unable to find myself
And I'm just not me

Unless I see you smile, I cannot rest
Let your eyes speak of passion
Until you are at ease and forget what has happened
I'll keep speaking beautiful words to you
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