Lyric Bahrek Ya Zaman (بحرك يا زمان) - Wasim Rifai (وسيم رفاعي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
وسيم رفاعي – بحرك يا زمان

بحرك يا زمان بحرك يا زمان
ضيع لسه فينا ما خلا انسان
ضيع للحبايب خلا العمر دايب
يا هالعمر الشايب وين راح الخلان

قلبي كله جروح يبعدها الروح
وانا ابكي وانوح يا نبع الحنان
يا عيني يا عيني أني لك يا عيني
بلا لا تنسيني يا أغلى انسان

صاروا خلف أمواج والبحر هواج
قلبي يا محتاج دور عالشطآن
شطآن المحبة لا تضيع لي دربي
نارهن جوه قلبي يا يما ولهان

Translation in English
Wasim Rifai – Your Sea, Oh Time

Your sea, oh time
Your sea, oh time
Has already got us all lost, and didn't spare a soul
All of the lovers, left them melted
Oh my graying age
Where have the lovers gone?

My heart is full of wounds
Needs a soul to heal it
And I cry and wail, oh fountain of compassion (i.e. his love)
My dear, my dear, I'm yours my dear
Don't you dare forget me, you're my most precious person

Sucked under the waves and the sea is raging
Oh my desperate heart, search for the shore
The shores of love
Don't make me lose my way
Its fires are in my heart, oh God I'm so infatuated
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