Lyric Ya Nebaet al Rihan (يا نبعة الريحان) - Saadi al-Bayati (سعدي الباتي)

Original lyric (Arabic)
سعدي البياتي - يا نبعة الريحان

يا نبعة الريحان حني على الولهان
جسمي نحل والروح ذابت وعظمي بان

من علتي اللي باحشاي ما ظل عندي راي
دائي صعب ودواي ما يعرفها انسان

يوم الذي حبيت يا منيتي جنيت
حاير انا تميت ما ادري ذنبي أيش كان

ما عندي كل ذنوب إلا هوى المحبوب
لاهو ذنب لاتوب واتجبر الرحمن

Translation in English
Saadi al-Bayati - You Branch of Basile

You branch of basile, take pity on the one who's infatuated with you
My body has become emaciated, my soul has melted, and my bones are showing

I no longer know what to do about this sickness inside of me
My condition is difficult and there's not a person who knows the cure

The day I loved I went crazy
I've been confused, I don't know what my crime was

I haven't committed any crimes except loving the loved
It's not a crime for me to repent from and ask for forgiveness
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