Lyric Mahsoudeen (محسودين) - Naif al-Badr (نايف البدر)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نايف البدر - محسودين

غبنا عن بعض سنين هو وين وأنا وين أنا أدري أنا وياه على هالحب

محسودين محسودين محسودين

تركني وأنا محتاجه وعمري انطفأ سراجه وقلبي بصده اتفاجأ بعد ماكنا

أحلى اثنين محسودين محسودين

أبي أعرف عن أسراره واش هية آخر أخباره واش اللي يدور بأفكاره

بعد ماغاب عني سنين محسودين محسودين

أنا خايف لقى ثاني وآه بالمرة ينساني حتى لو هو خلاني ترى يبقى الغالي محسودين محسودين

Translation in English
Naif al-Badr - Envied

We've been missing for some years
Where is he and where am I?
I know I am with him in this love

We were ennvied, envied, envied

He left me when I needed him
And my life's life went out
And my heart was surprised by his turning away after what we were

The sweetest couple
We were envied, envied

My father knows his secrets and his latest news
And what is going around in his thoughts

After he left me for years
We were envied, envied

I am afraid to find another
And oh the agony if he forgets me
Even if he left me he will remain precious to me

We were envied, envied
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