Lyric Jaddadt Hobak Leh? (جددت حبك ليه؟) - Oum Kalthoum (أم كلثوم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
أم كلثوم - جددت حبك ليه؟

جددت حبك ليه بعد الفؤاد مارتاح
حرام عليك خليه غافل عن اللى راح
ده الهجر وانت قريب منى كان فيه أمل لوصالك يوم
لكن بعادك ده عنى خلى الفؤاد منك محروم
ياهل ترى قلبك مشتاق يحس لوعة قلبى عليك
ويشعلل النار والأشواق اللى طفيتها إنت بأيديك
دنا لو نسيت اللى كان وهان على الهوان
أقدر أجيب العمر منين وأرجع العهد الماضي
أيام ماكنا احنا الاتنين أنت ظالمنى وانا راضي
صعبان على أقول لك كان والحب زى ماكان واكتر
وافكر بليالى زمان واوصف فى جنتها واصور
إنت النعيم والهنا وانت العذاب والضنى
والعمر إيه غير دول
إن فات على حبنا سنه وراها سنة
حبك شباب على طول
إنت اللى فات بنعيمه وراح وفات لى طيفه فى خيالى
أسهر معاه الليل سواح عايش على العهد الخالي
وانت اللى فات بضناه وشقاه وساب لى ناره فى ضلوعي
أن مر ع الخاطر ذاكره تنزت من الوجد دموعى
ياللى قضيت العمر معاك ارضى بجفاك واتمنى رضاك
أنت النعيم والهنا وانت العذاب والضني
والعمر ليه غير دول
إن فات على حبنا سن وراها سنة
حبك شباب على طول
ياللى هواك فى الفؤاد عايش فى ظل الوداد
انت الخيال والروح وانت سمير الأمل
ييجنى الزمان ويروح وانت حبيب الأجل
وازاى أقول لك كنا زمان والماضى كان فى الغيب بكره
واللى أحنا فيه دلوقت كان ح يفوت علينا ولا ندرى
ولما أكون وياك هايم فى بحر هواك
مااعرفش إيه فات من عمرى إن كان رضا أو كان كان حرمان
وافضل وبس أنت فى فكرى ياللي بحبك زى زمان

Translation in English
Om Kalthoum - Why Have You Renewed Your Love?

Why have you renewed your love after the heart is satisfied?
Shame on you let it forget about that which is gone
This abandonment when you are near me
There was hope for your return one day
But your farness from me made my heart deprived of you
Do you see your heart yearning feeling the agony of my heart for you?
And kindling the fire and desires that you put out with your hands?
If I forgot that which was and the discrage was nothing to me
From who could I get life and restore the past vow?
The days when we weren't yet two, when you oppressed me and I was satisfied
It's hard for me to tell you it was when the love was like that and more
And I think every night and describe its paradise and imagine
You are comfort and felicity and you are torture and tormenting love
And what is life but that?
Year after year has passed by our love
Your love will always be youthful
You are the one who withdrew his comfort, went away and left me his spectre in my imagination
I stay up with it tonight wandering living on an imaginary promise
While you are the one who left with his tormenting love and misery and left me his fire in my ribs
And his memory passed my mind, my tears dissolved the ecstacy
Oh you who I spent a lifetime with, satisfied with your antipathy and hoping for your satisfaction
You are comfort and felicity and you are torture and tormenting love
And what is life but that?
Year after year has passed by our love
Your love will always be youthful
Oh your love in my heart lives in the shadow of amicability
You are the phantasm and the soul and you are the companion of hope
Bringing me the time and leaving while you are beloved
And how can I tell you we're history and in the past tomorrow was unknown?
And the state that which we are in now was going to befall us beknownst to us?
And when I'm with you I'm distracted in the sea of your love
I don't know what happened to my life if it was satisfaction or it was deprivation
And I only want you in my thoughts oh one whom I love like time
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