Lyric Gafsa (قفصة) - Natacha Atlas (نتاشا أطلس)

Original lyric (Arabic)
نتاشاأطلس - قفصة

هبت رياح الحب في بالي
تهديني سلام الحبيب
تقوللي ارجع يا غالي
طال الفراق والنت غريب

قلة خيالي شردت حالي
وكانت منا لي سعيد
وطالت من برج العالي
وقالت كلمة غريب

ارجع يا حب
مالي في دنيا نصيب
انت حبي لكن مش ممكن تكوني هلالي

آه ليل
يا عيني يا


Translation in English
Natacha Atlas - Cage

The winds of love suddenly began blowing in my head
Bringing me the greeting of my beloved
Saying "return my precious"
"The separatoin has been long while you are away"

The impatience of my imagination wandered in a void
And it was a happy wish for me
She emerged from a high tower
And said a strange word

Return my love
I don't have any destiny for me in this world
You are my love but you cannot be the one for me (hilaali means like "the one for me" but it has strong connotations of one being not just the best match based on feelings etc, but also being the one who is suitable for other reasons social or otherwise)

Oh night
Oh my eye

That's it
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