Lyric Eshtatlak Ana (اشتقتلك انا) - Ragheb Alama (راغب علامة)

Original lyric (Arabic)
راغب علامة - اشتقتلك انا

لو بعيونك مش شايف
شو عامل في

رح اعطيك عيوني
و جرب شوف بعيني
شوف الحب الي قاتلني

بتعرف شو في
من حكاياتي من نظراتي و لمسة ايدي

قرب اكتر قرب مني
غمرني بحنان
حتى قلبي يلامس قلبك
حتى روحي تلامس روحك

اشتقتلك انا

كل ما بطلع عمرايه
بشوفك قدامي
اقرب من حالي عحالي
و قلبي و غرامي
ما بتفارق
لحظه عيوني
حتى بأحلامي
و بالثواني
مرافق ايامي

Translation in English
Ragheb Alama - I've Missed You

If you don't see with your eyes
What you're doing to me
I'm going to give you my eyes
See and experience the world through my eyes
See the love that is killing me

You know what is in me
From what I say, my glances and the touch of my hands

Get closer to me
Flood me with affection
Until my heart is in contact with your heart
Until my soul is in contact with your soul
My darling

I miss you
Whenever I look up I see you before me
Closer to myself than myself
My heart and my passion
Don't leave my eyes for a moment
Even in my dreams
With the minutes
With the seconds
You accompany my days
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