Lyric Asounu Karamati (أصون كرامتي) - Oum Kalthoum (أم كلثوم)

Original lyric (Arabic)
أم كلثوم - أصون كرامتي

اصون كرامتى من أجل حبى
فإن النفس عندى فوق قلبى
رضيت هوانها فيما تقاسي
وما ازلالها فى الحب دأبي
فما هانت لغيرك فى هواها
ولا مالت لغيرك فى التصبي
ولكنى أردت هوى عفيفا
ورمت لك الهنا فى ظل قربي
تبادلنى الغرام على وفاء
واسقيك الرضا من :كأس حبى
ولما ايقنت روحى بشر
وكان الغدر فى عينيك ينبى
هجرتك والأسي يدمى فؤادى
وصنت كرامتى من قبل حبى

Translation in English
Oum Kalthoum - Preserving My Dignity

I'm preserving my dignity for my love's sake
For if my soul was above my heart
I would satisfy its degredation in suffering
And it is still my natural disposition in love
So in love I stopped caring about anyone but you
And was not inclined towards anyone but you in courtship
But I wanted a chaste love
And I gave you hapiness in the shadow of my closeness
You exchanged with me passion for loyalty
As I you drank your fill from the cup of my love
And when my soul was sure of evil
And that betrayal was far off in your eyes
I abandoned you and the misery bled my heart
And I preserved my dignity before my love
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