Lyrick Low Tarefo (بستناك) - Elissa (إليسا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
إليسا - لو تعرفوه

لو تعرفوه لو يوم يقابلكه اسالوه ليه الايام ياخدوه
لو تعرفوه لو يوم شفتوه كلموه عن ناس هينا بيحبوه

وفكروه فاتني وبستناه وكمان بقى عرفوه مين فات حبيبه تاه
وابقوا اسالوه ازايه وازاي حاله في باله او مش في باله منساش هوانا وامانة كل الي تقال قولوه

لو تعرفوه لو كان في بينكم كلام حد يسلملي عليه
لو تعرفوه قولوله ببعثله السلام لعنيه ولقلبه وليه

Translation in English
Elissa - If You Know Him

If you know him
If you meet him one day
Ask him why the days have taken him?
If you know him
If one day you see him
Tell him about the people here who love him

And remind him that he left me waiting for him
And also let him who know that his darling is lost
And keep asking him how he is and how is his mental condition
Or if he forget our love I trust you to tell him all I've said

If you know him
If one of you talks to him say hi to him for me
If you know him
Tell him I give him my peace for my eyes, my heart and for me
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