Lyric Meen Bey3eesh - Jannat /مين بيعيش - جنات

English Font
Lyric Meen Bey3eesh by Jannat
Meen be3eesh aktar men 3omro? Meen 3aref 2adaro?
3alashan ya 7abibi ne6'aya3 yom felbo3d
Leih da zaman kan eli yeshufna Ye7lef be7ayatna We2en e7na laba36'

Ezay ben6'ee3 men ro7na We7na muwaf2iin belsahel
Law mesh han5af 3la ro7na Fi eldonia di eih yestahel
Ayamna sa3aat wetfoot Ya2ama n3iish ya nmoot
Ezay sakteen

Feen men yom ana wenta ba3edna Eih ely garalna
Da ana fakra 3'iabak 3ani 7ekayat wa2t
Shoof benmoot ezay men sho2na Msh kuna zamanna 3aysheen, delwa2t

Arabic Font
كلمات مين بيعيش - جنات
مين بيعيش أكتر من عمره مين عارف قدره
علشان يا حبيبى نضيع يوم فى البعد
لية دا زمان كان اللى يشوفنا يحلف بحياتنا وإن احنا لبعض

ازاى بنضيع من روحنا واحنا موافقين بالساهل
لو مش هنخاف على روحنا ف الدنيا دى اية يستاهل
ايامنها ساعات وتفوت و يا اما نعيش يا نموت
ازاى ساكتين

فين من يوم انا وانت بعدنا اية اللى جرالنا
دا انا فاكرة غيابك عنى حكاية وقت
شوف بنموت ازاى من شوقنا مش كنا زمانا عايشين دلوقت

English Translation
Lyric Meen Bey3eesh by Jannat
Who can live more than his lifetime , who knows his destiny
For spending , my lover , a day far from each other
Why this time , was everyone who sees us swears that we belong to each other

How can we lose from our souls and we easily agree
If you're not afraid about our souls in the world , what is it worth?
Our days are hours that will pass , so either we live or we die
How are you silent ?

Since the day , me and you got farther , what happened to us?
Iam still remembering your absence of me , question of time
Look how are we diying because of our nostalgia , weren't we living this time before?

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