Lyric Law Kont Rady - Myriam Fares / لو كنت راضي - مريام فارس

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كلمات لو كنت راضي - مريام فارس
لو كنت راضى بالبعد عادى انا من الليله دى مش حقول واعيد
خلتنى ادارى فى القلب نارى والشوق اتارى عمال يزيد

اول مايجى الليل يدخل هواك عليا
افضل افكر فيك نفسى تشوفك عينيا
عيونى فيها كلام والشوق ولا بينام
واعدى فى الايام وتعدى فيا

عينيك فى عينى بتقول نسينى وعينيك مليها اجمل غرام
شاور تلاقى قلبى فى ثوانى يا حبيبى جنبك من غير كلام

English Translation
Lyric if that's ok with you by Myriam Fares
if that's ok with you (to be away), it's normal for me, starting this night i will not say and repeat
you made me hide ''the fire'' in my heart, while the passion was growing

when the night comes, your breeze come into me
i think about you, i wish i could see you
there is a lot of words in my eyes, and passion doesn't sleep
i count the days and they are passing by me

my eyes in yours, you say that you forgot me, and in your eyes i can see the most beautiful love
order me, you will find my heart next to you in seconds, without any words!

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