Lyric Ana Albi Lek - Myriam Fares / انا قلبى ليك- مريام فارس

Arabic Font
كلمات انا قلبى ليك - مريام فارس
انا قلبى ليك وانا روحى فيك
وانا بين ايديك مش عرفا اقولك بس اية
انا حبى ده فوق كل ده واكتر كده

بص فعينيا تحس بيك

انا احساسى بيك مش عيزلوا كلام
وغرامى ليك عده كل غرام
يعنى انت بس يلى بتمناه ولا بنساه

انا بالى فيك وهموت عليك
وعشان عينيك والليله وحدة عرفت نوم
ديما معاك مستنياك من يوم لقاك
على طول فى سيرتك كل يوم

English Translation
Lyric  My Heart is Yours by Myriam Fares
my heart is yours, my soul is attached to you
when i am between your hands, i don't know what should i tell you
my love is bigger than that, and much more

look in my eyes, you will feel it

my feelings about you doesn't need words
my love for you is bigger than any love
it means that you are th only one i wish and i can't forget

i am always thinking about you, i am going crazy about you
and for your eyes i have never slept even one night
always with you, waiting for you, from the first day i am met you
i am always talking about you everyday

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