Lyric Rissalah - Mohamed Hamaky / محمد حماقي - رساله

Arabic Font
كلمات رساله - محمد حماقي
مش ح تنساني بكرة ح تجيلي
يوم ما تبكي ويخنقك غرورك ح تقولي نجيني
ايوه لسه لك مكان في قلبي
بس مش واقفة عليك سنيني
مش ح موت علشان منتاش جمبي
اصلك انت مش الي بيحييني
مش ح تقتلني مش ح تمحيني
انا عمري ما حد كان زللني او كسر عيني

English Font
Lyric Rissalah By Mohamed Hamaky
mosh 7atensaany, bokra 7atgeeny
youm ma tebky w yokhno2ak ghoroorak 7at2olly naggeeny
aywa lessalak makan fe alby
bas mosh wa2faa 3aleek seneeny
mohs 7amoot 3alashan mantash ganby
aslak enta mosh elly beye7yeeny
mosh 7ate2telny, mosh 7atem7eeny
ana 3omry ma 7ad kan zalelny, aw kaser 3einy

English Translation
Lyric A Message By Mohamed Hamaky
you won't forget me, you'll come to me
when you cry and your pride suphocates you
you'll tell me "Save me" (you'll call for y help)
yes you still have a place in my heart
but but my life is not about you
I won't die just because you're not next to me
simply because you're not what make me survive
you won't kill me, you won't erase me
no one has ever humiliated me or made me low

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