Lyric Tamaskan - Najwa Karam / تمسكن - نجوى كرم

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كلمات تمسكن - نجوى كرم

تمسكن حتى يتمكن
فكره يتحكم فينا
تمسكن حتى يتمكن
على أطباعه يمشينا
لك وين بعده صاحبنا
جاي بلعبة يلاعبنا
منعرف كل دواوينا
لابس شعار الوفا
منعرف مش توبه هالتوب
متل اللي عم يطلب دفا
فوق النار بعز الشوب
وبعده مكفى ألعابه
ونحن بيضنا كتابه
وكل أموره فاهمينا
بيحكي الكلمة ع الهدا
تيقنعنا بالأفكار
ما خلى بدربه حدا
رماد مخبى تحت النار
ولما نكون مقابيله
عم يتذاكى بتمثيله
وكل فنونه حافظينا

English Translation
Lyric Tamaskan By Najwa Karam

Make himself poor till he will gain ability (means ; he is making himself poor man until he will be able to do things).
He thinks that he can control us (me).
Make himself poor till he will gain ability.
And he wants to drive us (me) by his mood.
oh where is our (my) friend !.
He is coming with a game to play it.
But we ( i ) know all his divans (sheets) ... [ means : but i know all his games ].
wearing a faithfulness badge ( means : he is acting as a good man).
we ( i) know this cloth is not his cloth.
like the one who asks for warmness.
while he is above the fire and in the severe hotness.
and still he didn't complete his games.
while we ( i ) whitened his book (means: i discover him that he is not that good man even before he finishes his games ).
and we ( i )understood all his plans.
he is talking with calmness.
to convince us (me) with his thoughts.
he didn't bypass anyone in his path.
like cinders hidden beneath fire.
and while we are (i'm) in front of him.
he acts intelligently.
and we ( i ) know all his arts.

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