Lyric Ba'dak Mabta'refni - Najwa Karam / بعدك مابتعرفنى - نجوى كرم

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كلمات بعدك مابتعرفنى - نجوى كرم

بعدك مابتعرفنى
ولا عندك عنى فكره
لو قلبك بيلاطفنى
من هلاء لاع بكره
انا قلبى قصر السلطان
مابيفتلو مين ماكان
قلبى مابيدوب بانسان
هيكى من اول نظره

لو بتغازلنى سنتين
وبتألف عن حبى كتاب
بتبقى لسنة الالفين
و مابتاخد منى جواب
لانى مافى حب
الا اللى بيهتفلو القلب
وبعيونى بيعرف يقرا

فيك تحنن قلبى عليك
و لو تزعل ممكن راضيك
لكن ما فيها عينيك
من نظره تعلقنى فيك
انا قلبى بستان ورود
ولو كنت بقلبى موعود
توقا طرقاتو خطره

English Translation
Lyric You still don't know me By Najwa Karam

You still don't know me
Nor have an idea as to how I am
If your heart was sweet to me
From today not til tomorrow
My heart is the sultan's palace
No one can kill it, no matter who they are
My heart does not melt for any human being
Just like that from first sight

If you flirt with me for two years
Then write a book about my love
You'll have to wait til the year 2000
And you still won't get a response from me
Because I can't love
Except those who celebrate the heart
And can read my eyes

You can make my heart more affection toward you
Though you're upset it's possible that I can soothe you
But your eyes can't
Entrap me in theirs from a glance
My heart is a garden of flowers
Though you are promised to my heart
Its longing is a risk

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