Lyric Khalas Hananik (خلص حنانك) - Abdel Majid Abdallah (عبد المجيد عبدالله)

Original lyric (Arabic)
خلص حنانك - عبد المجيد عبدالله
خلص حنانك ما بقى الا قسوتك
اقسى علي اقسى حلالك فدوتك
قبلك قست دنياي .. " وانت تمون "
قبلك قست دنياي وانت تمون

شفت السعادة يوم عيني شافتك
اسعدتني الله دايم يسعدك
لو سقت لي هم وحزن هالكون
ذقت الحزن فيني فرح مخزون

واللي جمعنا والتقينا وكنت لك
واللي فطر قلبي وفطرني بحبي لك
لو في بعادك الهناء مضمون
ما اعيش لحظة دونك ولا اكون

الكل نفسي نفسي .. في ساعة خطر
الا انا .. " انت " ثم " انا وباقي البشر "
يا ابدى علي مني مهما يكون
تجرح او تداوي انا ممنون

Translation in English
Abdel Majid Abdallah - Your tenderness has finished
Your tenderness has finished, all whats left is your cruelty

Be cruel to me be cruel, im all your, your sacrifice
Before you my world was cruel to me, your worth it
Before you my world was cruel to me, your worth it

I saw happiness when my eyes saw you
You made me happy, may God always make you happy
If the worlds worries and sorrows were poured in me
You’d taste the sorrow in me, as stored happiness

And what brought us together, and we met, and I became yours
And what broke my heart and hurt me with your love
If in your separation happiness is assured
I wont live a moment without you, I wont even be
*wont be meaning wont exist

Everyone is on his own in an hour of danger
Except to me.. first comes you, then me and the rest of the world
Oh my eternity, no matter what..
Whether you wound or heal, im grateful

5ala9 7ananik mabega ela gaswitik
Egsa 3alay egsa 7alalik fidwitik
Gablik gisat dinyay o ent tmon
Gablik gisat dinyay o ent tmon

Shift els3ada youm 3aini shafitik
As3dtni Allah dayem ys3idik
Lo sigat li ham o 7izn hal kown
Thigt el7izin fini fara7 ma5zon

Wili jima3na wiltgaina kint lik
Willi fi6ar galbi o fi6arni b7obi lik
Law fi b3adik elhana ma’6mon
Ma a3eesh la7’6a donik wala akon

Elkil nafsi nafsi fi sa3at 5a6ar
Ela ana.. ent .. thom ana o bagi elbishar
Ya abda 3alay mini mahma ykon
Tijra7 aw tdawi ana mamnoon
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