Lyric Hodn el Gharib (حضن الغريب) - Tamer Hosni (تامر حسني)

Original lyric (Arabic)
تامر حسني - حضن الغريب

خليه يمشي ياقلبي ويبعد ويدور ويشوف
بكره حيبكي ياقلبي ويرجع زي طير ملهوف

هيدور ع الحنان والحب بتاع زمان ماهيلقي زيّنا
مهما يروح او يغيب برضه حضن الغريب
مش زي حضننا

كان يشوفنا بيجري علينا كان الدفي والنور لعنينا
وفي لحظه راح ولا جاش
كأنه ياقلبي ما شافناش بقي دلوقت يشوفنا

عمري ماكنت اتصور منه
كل الغدر ده يطلع منهوينسي حكايتنا
بكره يشوف الويل من غيرنا ويعرف قيمتنا
عمري ماكنت اتصور أنه
كل الغدر ده يطلع منه
وينسي حكايتنا
بكره يشوف الويل من غيرنا ويعرف قيمتنا

Translation in English
Tamer Hosni - A Stranger's Emrace

Let her leave, my heart
And go away and roam and look
Tomorrow she'll cry my heart
And come back like a yearning bird

She'll look for the sympthy and love she had before
But she won't find anything like us
No matter where she goes and how long she is gone
In the end, a stranger's embrace is not like our embrace

She was meeting with us and running to us
She was warmth and light for our eyes
And in a moment she left and didn't come back
And if she, my heart, didn't see she was still now giving attention to us

In my whole life I did not imagine that
All this betrayal would arise from her
And she would forget our story
Tomorrow she'll see hell without us and know our value
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