Lyric Hobak Azab (حبك عذاب) - Wael Kfoury (وائل كفوري)

Original lyric (Arabic)
وائل كفوري - حبك عذاب

ألبي ما بدو حياتو و لا بدو عمرو بلاك
ليلي طويلة سعاتو و انت حرمني هوك

حبك عزاب ياما تحملتو تحملت غياب ألبك و نطرتو
شوو اللي أساك ما بتسأل عني يعني معؤول ما ترد عليي
و عني مشغول ما تفكر فيي حبيبي ؤول دخلك طمني

Translation in English
Wael Kfoury - Loving You is Torture

My heart doesn't want its life or its lifetime without you (meaning his heart doesn't want to live)
My nights are long-houred (meaning they are long) when you deprive me of your love

Loving you is torture
I've endured so much
I've endured the absence of your heart and its glance
What made you cruel?
You don't ask about me
I mean you don't even respond to me
And you're not thinking of me and don't care about me
My darling say something
I beg you reassure me
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