Lyric Akdeb Aleek (أكدب عليك) - Warda (وردة الجزائرية)

Original lyric (Arabic)
وردة - أكذب عليك

اكدب عليك اكدب عليك اكدب عليك اكدب عليك
اكدب عليك لو قلت بحبك لسه اكدب عليك
واكدب عليك لو قلت نسيتك همسه اكدب عليك

امـــال انا ايه قلي انت انا ايه اختارلي بر وانا ارسي عليه

انت حبيبي يعني لسه حبيبي ولا حبيبي عشان كنت حبيبي
قول يا حبيبي قول يا حبيبي

Translation in English
Warda - Lying to You

Lying to you, lying to you, lying to you, lying to you

If I said I love you
I'd still be lying to you
If I said I'm done with you
For a moment, I'd be lying to you

So just what am I?
You tell me what I am
Choose a landing for me and I'll drop anchor there
(This is a metaphorical sentence, and at the same time it carries the meaning in Arabic "Choose a 'solution' for me and I'll 'settle on it'" which in light of the previous verse means she will stay with him if he wants or leave if he wants)

You're my love
Meaning still my love, or just because you were my love?
Tell me my love tell me
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