Lyric Ya Jammal (يا جمال) - Rim Banna (ريم بنا)

Original lyric (Arabic)
ريم بنا – يا جمال
عذب الجمال قلبي عندما اختار الرحيل
قلت يا جمال صبرا قال كل صبري عيل
قلت يا جمال قصدك قال صحراء الجنوب
قلت ماذا ضم حملك قال علك وطيوب
قلت ما داؤك قل لي قال شوق للحبيب
قلت هل زرت طبيبا قال تسعين طبيب
قلت يا جمال خذني قال لا حملي ثقيل
قلت يا جمال أمشي قال لا دربي طويل
قلت أمشي ألف عام خلف عينيك أسافر
قال يا طير الحمام حنظل عيش المهاجر

عذب الجمال قلبي عندما اختار الرحيل
كل ما خلف دمعا فوق خداي يسيل

Translation in English
Rim Banna - Oh Cameleer

The cameleer tortured my heart when he chose to leave
I said "Oh cameleer, be patient"
He said "All my patience is gone"
I said "Oh cameleer, where do you intend to go?"
He said the desert of the south
I said "what is in your pack"
He said "gum and perfume"
I said "What's your sickness, tell me"
He said "longing for my beloved"
I said "have you seen a doctor"
He said "ninety doctors"
I said "Oh cameleer, take me with you"
He said "no, my load is heavy"
I said "Oh cameleer, I'll walk"
He said, "no, my path is long"
I said "I'll walk for a thousand years traveling after your eyes"
He said "oh little pidgeon, the life of an immigrant is a bitter apple" (the word here HanZhal is the name of the plant the 'colocynth,' a very bitter tasting plant that grows in the desert sometimes known as bitter apple. It means that life is really bitter and hard for the person who leaves his or her home.)
The cameleer tortured my heart when he chose to leave
All he left behind is a tear running down my cheek
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