Lyric Rah (راح) - Natacha Atlas (نتاشا أطلس)

Original lyric (Arabic)
راح - نتاشا أطلس

سافر وراح
عد البحور
ولا حد يعرف ما ترح مايكون
و راح

سافر يدورعلى عين ونور
على كل الطريق داير مايدور

قابل ملك في ضوء النور
قاله الملك اوتلي نور

ضرب الكون
ملك الأمور
كل شيء عنده اسهل مايكون

Translation in English
Natacha Atlas - Gone

He went on a journey and left
He crossed the seas
And nobody knows where he might be
And he's gone

He went on a journey in search of an eye and a light
And on every path he wanders in circles
And he's gone

He met an angel in a gleam of light
He said to the angel "Bring me light"

He has mastered the universe
He is the king of all affairs
Everything around him is as easy as can be
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